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About Support Our Ribbons

Support Our Ribbons is organized by Visor Enterprises, LLC, SupportOurRibbons.com and includes a storefront, where users can buy various magnets, custom magnet maker where users can customize ribbons and other magnet shapes, and more.

Support Our Ribbons In The News

"Ribbons support many causes, isn't it time we support them?"
Baltimore Sun
"They created a RibbonMaker program, by which customers can have their own slogan or message"
Colorado Springs Gazette
"Now, the ever-evolving bumper sticker war has a new twist: ribbons."
State of Mind (Burlington, Vermont)
"We love it! These ribbon magnets are definitely SOM-approved"
Boston Pheonix

About Visor Enterprises, LLC

Visor Enterprises, LLC owns and runs Support Our Ribbons. Visor's goal is to support projects that are both fun and potentially profitable. Visor Enterprises was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts at a height of approximately 17.5 feet above sea level.